Erotic Fantasy Phone-Phone Sex since 1987
Phone Sex and More ie Panties from your favorite Phonemate

When you are through with browsing call our phone sex line. Now on the right is Jenna. she's won't posse nude but, will appear in sexy outfits.

How much do you charge?

$19.95 for up to ten minutes

$39.99 for up to twenty minutes

$49.99 for up to 30 minutes

all calls include a direct connect.

Are there any surcharges or other fees?

NO! we've never charged so-called fees. You are only charged for the call. Everything is included. no hidden fees. Even the direct call back is included.

Why don't you charge per minutes rates?

Our belief and as our phonemates believe, flat rates are better and easier for the guy to remember the cost. So as to no surprise billings. Also, the girls (whom used to do calls for other services that charged per minute) felt that they were suppose to drag the call on to increase revenue for the service. We don't practice that nor will we ever. 

How do I pay for the call?

We accept Visa, Master Card , Discover & American express. money orders, debit credit cards with visa or mastercard symbols. checks by phone.

What if I don't have a credit card?

You can send in a money order. It takes roughly 2 days to reach us. You cannot get your call before we get your money order.  It will remain on file til you call to use it.

Can I charge the call to my Phone?

No, phone companies do not allow that.

What are the hours of fantasyline girls?

9 a.m. til 3 a.m est, if no answer wait 5 minutes and call back, since the operator may be taking information from another caller.

Does the operator that answers the 800 number do calls?

NO, Tina and Donna are credit verifiers that only check your info and have the sex kitten call you directly back. Please don't come on to them, they will hang up on you if you do.

Can I meet one of the phonemates?


Can I get a call from my cell phone?

Your first call must be from a phone is in your name under caller I.D or registered with your bank credit card.

What fantasies or subjects not allowed?

There are no restrictions on the subject of conversation with the exception of children or animals. We don't allow those two subjects. so, please don't ask one of the phonemates to speak of those or she will terminate the call.

Are you a call back service?

Yes and No, the credit operator takes your information and then once approved (usually 2-4  minutes) your phonemate will be connected to you. (you will be given a private toll free number to get faster connection after your first call ;)

Am I calling a phone service center with girls in cubicles?

lol, thats so funny how some services really do that! but, no. Our ladies are at their own home. In fact the coeds are in their apartments. Samantha is in north Carolina, holly is in Michigan, Jenna is in upper Michigan, Brianna lives in Chicago, Ashley lives in lower Michigan etc... I'm sure they like their privacy too.

What selection of women do you have?

We have  lots and lots. We've been in business since 1987 so we have some of the ones from way back and lots of new one.  Our sexy ladies range in age from 18 up to 68 years old. yeah 68 year old rose does do calls and also has a large request rate.

My question isn't here, where do I call?


Can you just bill me at home?

No, if you don't have a credit card then just go to your bank and get a prepaid one. yes they do have prepaid credit cards at banks. I just found that one out recently, unless you want to wait till we get your money order. which ever works right.

How can I remain anonymous?

You can remain anonymous by sending in a money order. but, still not to worry since the phonemates only has your first name and phone number and they never call back without your authorization (placing of a call that is)

What about Credit Card Security?

Our credit verifier is the only one who gets your information and we've been doing this since 1987 with never a problem. We do understand your concerns. but, isn't it better to trust a company thats been there for over 25 years with an excellent history of protecting their clients.

I hope I've answered all the questions you might have, if not please call. 1-800-255-6363


Tina and Donna

All callers do get free minutes here and there and always free photos with every single call.
I hope that is what would encourage you to call. As always you get served first unless a Goddess or Mistress is served first .lol
gotta mess around a bit.

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